Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture


Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture



It is the central city of the southern region that occupies the eastern part of the prefecture, and the Hachinohe metropolitan area has a population of about 330,000 people.

The commercial area is located in the adjacent northeast part of Iwate Prefecture, and the commercial area has some 600,000 inhabitants, one of the Tohoku districts, with the population density being No. 1 in Aomori Prefecture.

It is a city that combines port city (fisherman’s town and logistics / shipping base) with the characteristics of industrial city and commercial city.

In 2002 (December 2002) the Tohoku Shinkansen started extending to Hachinohe Station and it was connected to Tokyo Station in 2 hours and 56 minutes in the shortest.

History of people settled, such as the excavation of Jomon ruins, is old.

Both the traditional performing arts errand (朳) and the Hachinohe three company festival and cavalry battle are designated as important intangible folk cultural properties of the country.

Tradition in crafts Yawata horse, Hachinohe baked, such as the southern Himekasa is, the local cuisine southern cracker and Hachinohe crackers juice, there is such as cooked strawberries.

The custom of eating “back” is rooted in Obon [2]. There are many hot springs and public baths historically.

Skating and ice hockey are thriving and have a synonym of Hachinohe in ice.

There are 60 membership registrations including business associations, junior teams, women’s teams, and amateur ice hockey.

It is also the birthplace of “B – 1 Grand Prix” bidding for local gourmet (B – grade gourmet). The 1st Hall of Fame, the second time to fourth times after the venue (outside the voting interest) second place, 5th-6th ranked third, in the seventh to win, the first time Hall of Fame Only Hachinohe is capturing all 3rd place except entering.



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